Here at Guiding Star Missionary Baptist Church, it is our desire that our sanctuary be a place to meet with God, but also, a place where you can connect with other members and guest as well. Our ministries are focused on the unique and wonderful person growing in Jesus Christ regardless of ethnicity,age or gender. Our servant leaders desire that every person would have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and experience his love and forgiveness. Below, you will find a list of the different ministries that we offer. Please take the time to visit them and be sure to check one out soon... we'll be waiting for you.

Pastor & Associate Ministers
The Ministerial/Evangelism Ministry is comprised of servants of God who have truly accepted the call of ministry. The loyal members of this Ministry although diverse in age, prayer styles, and communication techniques are driven by a united passion for spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. We look forward to serving you.

Deacon Ministry
The Deacons are dedicated loyal supporters of the Pastor, specifically chosen to serve the members of the Church. They assist the Pastor in the administration of the ordinances, strengthen the hand of the Pastor in his labors and in harmony with him exercise a general watch care of the Spiritual interest of the Church. We look forward to serving you.

Board of Christian Education
This important ministry offers the Christian spiritual development opportunities, whether they are new in their walk with God or a studied, mature believer. The Board seeks to help Guiding Star members grow in knowledge and truth in the understanding of God’s Holy Word. Our Sunday School and School of Mission are just two major examples of the ministries that this Board oversees.

Sunday Church School
The Sunday Church School Ministry offers a diverse curriculum that equips our members with practical knowledge to guide and direct their daily living. The Word of God is the central text for each class accompanied by contemporary resources to help our members learn and grow stronger in the Lord. We look forward to serving you.

Women Ministry
The Women’s Ministry offers opportunities for women to grow spiritually serve faithfully and strengthen their love of Christ, the Church and one another. The ministry allows women to bond in sisterhood through activities that enrich their lives and the communities they reside in. We look forward to serving you.

Youth Ministry
The Youth Ministry actively pursues the spiritual growth and maturity of elementary, middle and high school students by exploring and encouraging the use of spiritual gifts for the glory of God. By demonstrating Biblical responses to the many life challenges faced on any given day, they seek to equip and empower the next generation of Christian leaders to attempt great things for God by first engaging themselves in the process. We look forward to serving you.

Music Ministry
The music ministry consists of four choirs, a praise team and a group of musicians: The Music Ministry strives to serve God with excellence in song and to elevate the worship to a total praise environment that encourages, ministers, and helps lead the unsaved to Christ. We look forward to ministering to you.

Usher Ministry
The Ushers Ministry is composed of warm and dedicated individuals whose goal is to bridge the gap between the visitors of the church and the members of the Congregation. They are excited about meeting the needs of all those involved in worship service. We look forward to serving you.

Hospitality Ministry
The Hospitality Ministry is composed of warm and dedicated servants whose goal is to make everyone who enters the church feel welcome. They accomplish this by meeting all those who enter and greet them with warmth and love. We look forward to serving you.

Culinary Ministry
The Culinary Ministry is composed of several teams of committed individuals who have been called to use their gifts to serve others. Their work includes fellowship meals, repast meals after funerals, as well as routine maintenance of the kitchen. We look forward to serving you.

Finance Ministry
The Finance Ministry is designated to assist the pastor in the business oversight of the church including legal requirements of the church as an incorporated entity. The term "trustee" is a business term that is the equivalent of the biblical term "steward". The term is applied to those who are responsible for taking care of another's property, holdings, etc. The term trustee is a term, used to designate those who have been entrusted with the ... more

Transportation Ministry
The Transportation Ministry was created to provide a means of transportation for all who are in need to come to worship in the House of God. We dedicate ourselves to the advancement of the Kingdom of God by providing a safe and convenient way for seniors, adults, youth, and physically challenged members to attend various church services and functions. The Transportation ministry currently picks up members to attend the 10:45 AM Sunday service and 6:30 PM Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting ... more

Audio/Visual Ministry
The Media Ministry oversees the audio and video media. The ministry is responsible for audio and video recordings of services and events and distribution of for members, visitors, and those members who cannot attend services at the Church. We look forward to serving you.

Marketing/Media Ministry
The Marketing Ministry assists the church in coordination of all internal and external communications. It works with all ministries to help clarify the communication objectives, identify the audiences and develop clear and conscience messages through the appropriate channels. This includes the website, newsletters, social media, brochures and opportunities to publicly communicate Church events to the public.‚Äč We look forward to serving you.

Pastor's Aide Ministry
The purpose the Pastor’s Aide Ministry is to serve. In order to be a servant, we must first have it in our hearts that we are ready to serve. This means giving service to God through the Man of God, respecting him and complying with the charge that God has given him as our Pastor. The Pastor’s Aide Ministry must look at the office that our Pastor occupies for God and not view him as just another man. Every Pastor’s Aide member is responsible for understanding ... more